Post here if you encounter any bugs.
By monochroma380
#68433 I started using GDevelop 5 two days ago. Made a simple platformer with my own assets.
Almost finished the first level, until i noticed that my player is gone and enemies are not moving.
So i closed it multiple times to make sure those aren't on my side of the problem.
Deleted the half of my scene to find out where's the issue.

I went to Projects Manager, selected my main scene again, and everything worked this time, nothing was missing.
Sooooo, my point is, if you encounter the same problems, the assets disappearing or everything is fine with events but your game is not working as it should, select your main scene again, to refresh it ...

I kinda started losing my mind searching in the events for an error, but everything was fine lol :| :| :|
Well, this is what i'm currently working on... Just a test
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